It is now almost 12 weeks since I launched the website. After a sequence of 40 bets, I would hope a pattern is now emerging where it is clear that I can show a profit.

Advised bets can be broken down as follows:

Number of bets: 40

Number of winners:  7 winners (winners @ 25/1, 14/1, 7/1 etc) for a 17.5% winning strike rate.

Number of winning bets: 15 winning bets (37.5% of all bets)  i.e. some bets that were advised each way didn’t win but still showed a profit or at least broke even (e.g. ew bets @ 18/1, 16/1 etc).

Number of points invested: 75

Number of points returned: 105.5

Profit:  30.5 points or 140.6% ROI (Return On Investment)

That means that for every 1 euro invested, you would get back 1 euro 40 cent.

As has been said before, the value of 1 point is at your personal discretion, but if 1 point was 100 then you would be showing a profit of 3,050 in just the last 12 weeks.

You could of course put more on and win more than that.

For example, if you wanted to take things more seriously and made 1 point equal to 500, then you would now be in profit to the tune of 15,250 over the last 12 weeks.

Or if you just wanted to keep it small and make 1 point equal to 10 then your profit would be 305.

Whatever the stakes, this is a good opportunity to add to your income.

So why aren’t you doing it?

If you want to partake, I will say this much: either follow or don’t. Don’t half do it.

View it like a course of antibiotics. You have to take them all to get the benefits.

Don’t try and second guess what I am doing or try to read into the stats and decide you know a better way of going about it, by, for example, backing only some selections. It’s not about me knowing more or you knowing more.

It’s more about having a plan and sticking to it and if you want to follow my plan then follow it completely and trust that I have thought of everything.

If you try and mingle it with a different logic it will get too convoluted and messy.

You won’t make money following this tipster sometimes and another one some other times and yet a few other ones some other times and mix a few of your own bets in there too. Even that sentence is convoluted. See how messy things are when we try to be too clever? 🙂

This is not the way to go about things.

Keep it simple.

Follow the bets advised here and you will win.

Good luck.