Seeing as it is now ten days since I launched the website, now is a good time to take stock of how those ten days went and how the previews and advised bets performed.

It was an exceptionally busy period that began with the King George meeting at Ascot and then last week we had big festivals in both Ireland and England, courtesy of Galway and Glorious Goodwood.

Advised bets were unquestionably in the toughest races and the biggest fields. The Gigaset International had 28 runners, while the Stewards Cup had 30 runners. The Galway Hurdle, Galway Plate & Connaught Hotel Handicap all had 20 runners or more, while the Lennox Stakes, Goodwood Mile, Ahonoora Handicap and the race Afaak ran in, were all large competitive fields in the 14 to 20 runner range. These are some of the toughest races of the year. Results would be better and more profitable in less competitive races, but no one is really interested in reading a preview of a 0-70 handicap from Brighton. Previews of big races are more interesting and I will continue in this vein for now anyway.

Advised bets can be broken down as follows:

Number of bets: 13

Number of winners: 3

Number of winning bets: 7  i.e. 4 bets were advised each way and showed a profit even though they didn’t win.

Number of points invested: 23

Number of points returned: 30.55

Profit: 7.55 points or 32.8% profit on investment

The value of one point is obviously at your own discretion, but for ease of calculation let’s say it’s 100 >>> profit = 755 and with 32.8% profit on investment that means that for every 100 you invest you get back 132.80

It is also worth noting that of the 13 bets advised that 10 of them were given in the previews section. It is worthwhile to read the previews as sometimes the preview will be posted a few days in advance of the race and often those same odds will not be available on race day. Foxtrot Lady was a good example of this as she was advised on the Tuesday @ 12/1 but after strong money all week she had come into 9/2 by race time on Saturday.

It is also good to have the previews as back-up and to explain the reasoning behind the bets for those who want to learn, or indeed for those who want to teach me by pointing out leaks in my approach. I am always looking to up my game, so feel free to chime in with contrary opinions etc

Overall I would say it has been a solid start but also a bit disappointing. Suedois was chinned on the line at 7/1 and Arbalet was another 2nd at 20/1, while Escobar was the wrong one of two as the winner, Seniority, was my original selection but I changed my mind. Anyway, such is racing and such is life. These things happen all the time and will continue to happen. The key is to not let them bother you. Well, the key is for me to not let them bother me, which I won’t. You don’t have to worry about that.

All you have to do is keep tuning in and following the website and the Twitter account.

If you do you will win.

There will be less action in the coming weeks due to less quality racing and also because I will be busy with other stuff. As a result there will be less bets and less previews. Things will slow down but they won’t stop, so keep checking and make sure to be on when it matters 🙂