After a solid but less than spectacular start to the year saw us entering Cheltenham with a 6 point profit on the year thus far, the hope was to greatly improve on these profits at the Cheltenham Festival.

However, things didn’t quite go according to plan with only one winner over the four days. We did also get good profits from two placed horses for an overall loss of just .75 of 1 point from a total investment of 22 points i.e. a loss of less than 5% on investment over the four days.

Not too bad at all for a week when little went right. 

Below is a breakdown of each bet, the same breakdown that can be found in each individual post for each individual bet in the tipping section. All bets were posted in advance and instructions were clear. There should not be any confusion that these were the clear bets.

I do also sometimes shoot the breeze on Twitter with on the spot opinions when the action is going down. It should be clear to regular followers at this stage that these breeze shootings are not bets. They are just me buzzing. If you want to trace back through every one of these Tweets, then I’m certain they show a profit, but none of these “profits” will be counted.

Only bets clearly defined as such in the tipping section of the website will count towards profit and loss figures. Even Topofthegame, who was a 4/1 winner at Cheltenham on Wednesday for the very profitable “Horses To Follow” section of the website, was not claimed as a winning bet as he was not put up specifically as a bet in the tipping section. There are far too many after timers in this game with half selections that count when they win and are forgotten or deleted when they lose. This is rampant and I see it every day.  As has been stated before, there will be no such confusion or grey areas with ITKR.

I am a professional. Everything will be clear and precise. Everything will be accounted for and can be traced and dated back to the website.

Day 1

1 point ew double Apples Jade & Clan Des Obeaux. Bet posted on 18/02/2019.

Result:  Both horses were unplaced and so the loss on this bet is 2 points.

1 point ew double Al Dancer & Benie Des Dieux. Bet posted on 12/03/2019.

Result: Both horses were unplaced and so the loss on this bet is 2 points.

Day 2

1 point ew Brio Conti. Bet posted on 07/03/2019.

Result: Brio Conti was 4th @ 14/1 (advised) for a profit on this bet of 2.5 points.

1 point ew Cracking Smart. Bet posted on 01/03/2019.

Result: Cracking Smart was unplaced and so the loss on this bet is 2 points.

1 point ew treble Battleoverdoyen, Tiger Roll & Altior. Bet posted on 10/032019.

Result: Tiger Roll & Altior were winners but Battleoverdoyen was unplaced and so the loss on this bet is 2 points.

1 point ew Band of Outlaws. Bet posted on 26/02/2019.

Result: Band of Outlaws was a winner @ 7/1 (advised) for a profit of 8.75 points.

Day 3

1 point ew First Assignment. Bet posted on 14/032019.

Result: First Assignment was unplaced and so the loss on this bet is 2 points.

Day 4

1 point ew Lisp. Bet posted on 15/03/2019.

Result: Lisp was 5th @ 40/1 (advised) and @ 5/1 (advised) for the 1st 5 for an overall profit on the bet of 4 points.

1 point ew Birchdale. Bet posted on 15/03/2019.

Result: Birchdale was unplaced and so the loss on this bet is 2 points.

1 point ew Big Time Dancer. Bet posted on 15/03/2019.

Result: Big Time Dancer was unplaced for a loss of 2 points.

1 point ew Clan Des Obeaux. Bet posted on 26/12/2018.

Result: Clan Des Obeaux was unplaced and so the loss on this bet is 2 points.


Several of the selections failed to deliver and were very disappointing. Despite this, the bets still pretty much broke even with less than 1 point loss over the four days and we are still in profit for the year. Sure, we are at this stage well below the target profit for 2019 of 200% ROI, but in profit we are to the tune of 112% ROI and there is still a long long way to go yet.

We went desperately close in a series of multiple bets at big odds before Cheltenham and also had a big priced ew double that won, but we lost out on it due to Betfair Hurdle day being rescheduled because of the equine flu outbreak. However, there is no such thing as good luck or bad luck, and all of these things will balance themselves out over the course of the year.

ITKR will never go down the road of feeling unlucky or hard done by. 

I will continue to win and I will continue to go forward and nothing will ever change that. 

You can join the party and win too if you want to 🙂





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